Last night, I had the remarkable good fortune to dine at a new steak house with a good friend. It was a birthday dinner for me and I left everything to him. I didn't see a menu, I didn't choose a single thing. 

What followed was an incredible meal, one of the biggest most perfectly cooked steaks I've ever had the good fortune to eat, and a flow of delicious martinis! We ended it with an incredible apple biegnet! 

These sorts of experiences remind me how important it is to go out an experience great things, greater things than you might normally experience on a day to day basis. This is so important, because it allows you to constantly evaluate where you set your bar. Where you consider the standard to be for your work, and the experiences you create for others. Think of the little details along the way, and what each of those small things made you feel, or why it caused you to notice it. 

Experience new things, set a standard, and try to exceed your previous limits. Do great things!

I'm alive...

03 August 2015, Shane Cobalt

Don't worry, I haven't gone anywhere. I'm just working through some personal life stuff at the moment, and unfortunately it gets in the way of writing from time to time. In any case, know that I'm healthy, and all is good. 

Hands On Teaching!

27 July 2015, Shane Cobalt

There are many ways to learn magic. My preferred method is books, but only because I didn't have as many chances to learn one on one or hands on with someone. 

The Hard Stuff

22 July 2015, Shane Cobalt

There is a perceived difficulty level to so much of the magic that we learn. However, the truth is that most magic is really just a certain level of muscle memory and practice to acquire it.