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How to Play With Cards...

So here we are. A keyboard and a deck of cards in front of me. My beat up copy of Erdnase to my right and a scalpel to my left.

Just for the record there is... Read More

09 February 2010
Card Quality

I like playing cards.

That’s actually an understatement, lets try again.

I love playing cards.

The feeling of a new deck of cards is... Read More

16 February 2010
Old Books

Yesterday we talked about playing cards, well today we are going to talk briefly about books.

Old books, to be specific.

... Read More

17 February 2010
Gone Fishing...

The title is slightly inaccurate, it should probably read “Went Fishing…”

In any case, my best friend and I along with his father and Co. went ice fishing... Read More

22 February 2010
Quality Playing Cards. Part 2

Last week we talked about quality playing cards. This week I am going to tell you which cards I prefer. Before I do though, I’d like to default to Erdnase for a... Read More

24 February 2010
Being Cost Effective!

I’m a numbers guy. Deep down I love math and working out formulas or problems. I’m also very financially aware, or I try to be. Recently I’ve seen friends,... Read More

02 March 2010
Evolving Magic

Most things we come in contact with have gone through various processes of evolution. What started out as a simple principle blossoms into a beautiful routine.... Read More

02 March 2010
Steamboats follow up

It seems that these have become a very hot commodity. Or at least their price has gone through the roof. My previous post about bulk playing cards and saving money... Read More

07 March 2010
Magic and Technology

Technology and magic have held hands for years. Often a small new gadget can result in an amazing new trick or principle to be exploited.

One of the... Read More

12 March 2010
Magic-Con 2010

In a week I will be heading out to San Diego with two of my closest magic friends. James Alan and Ben Train. Both respectable card handlers and with great chops. We... Read More

12 March 2010