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Push Up Challenge Status...

I must admit, physical fitness is not a top priority in my life. I'm not going to come up with some long weak list of excuses, I just don't value it as much as... Read More

08 July 2015

When I was a kid my mother used to buy these little wooden crates full of tangerines, they had a plastic mesh that sort of went over the top of the fruits and it... Read More

07 July 2015
The Abilene Paradox

One of my good friends was explaining this to me and I think it's pretty neat, so here it is!

It's named after the city in which it was first explained... Read More

06 July 2015
My First Day Being 30!

I really must say, I've never had such an amazing outpouring of love and affection from friends and family all over the world! You are all incredible amazing... Read More

03 July 2015
This Is 30...

Tomorrow I turn 30 years old.

It's sort of crazy to think that time has flown by so quickly. But I'm happy to have amazing friends and family. The... Read More

02 July 2015
That's A Fine Brief!

False shuffles are one of the most satisfying areas of card magic to study and practice.

For one, there are so many amazing approaches to the concept... Read More

02 July 2015
You Are Stuck On Repeat, You Are Stu...

This is a recording... Your card tricks are stale and monotonous. This is a recording...

I wish this could be an actual message that you received when... Read More

29 June 2015
You Don't Have To Be Funny

It feels like magicians are all fighting to play the same character in an unpopular sitcom. Everyone is trying to be the too happy jester with a Vaseline smile... Read More

26 June 2015
You've Been Judged

As soon as you are seen on stage the audience sizes you up. 

This is why I've written so much in the past about the important of shining your shoes. I... Read More

25 June 2015
My First Birthday Gift!

As I creep up on being 30 years old I find that I don't really want stuff in the same was I did as a youngster. Usually there was some thing, or book, or... Read More

24 June 2015