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No, No, I Don't Want To Touch The Cards.

Someone hands you a deck of cards and you immediately give it back to them. 

I don't want to touch the cards!

I'd be surprised if this... Read More

23 June 2015
As Good As It Gets

Potential is an amazing thing... 

Unless it's unrealized or the person lacks the tools to unlock it. This is a lesson that has taken me many years to... Read More

19 June 2015
"That Was Amazing!"

We play too much for reactions. The actual response, usually audible from the audience, is often how magician's gauge the effectiveness of their tricks. There are... Read More

18 June 2015
Play It Down.

When we play an effect larger than it is, we change our audiences expectations, and in the process perhaps we take away some of the amazing impact the effect... Read More

17 June 2015
You Want Some Windex For Those Windows?


Yes, Palming. That evil, horrible, painful, embarrassing, dangerous, scary, crazy technique of moving a card in to the palm secretly and... Read More

16 June 2015
It's A Little Bit Different...

Generally speaking there are many essential techniques in magic that we all just try to do on our own. Unfortunately this isn't usually the best way.

... Read More

15 June 2015
Let's Do It Your Way...

Words that should be spoken more often. 

I'm often on the side of believing my way is 100% correct and no other way will do! Of course I am wrong often... Read More

12 June 2015
Happy Birthday Dai Vernon!

Today marks what would have been Dai Vernon's 121st birthday.

I thought, being his birthday and all, we should chat a little Vernon. 

Here is... Read More

11 June 2015
Where's The Good Stuff?

This long held myth that a single trick will shoot you to stardom or make you a better performer permeates despite years and years of rehashing weak material for... Read More

10 June 2015
Work Smarter!

We put a great deal of value on someone who works hard, however we rarely emphasize working smart.

Hard work doesn't always pay off, I'm sorry to say.... Read More

09 June 2015