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I Need Help.

Why didn't you ask anyone for help? 

"I'm not weak like that..."

This is the sort of mindset that way too many people take when it comes to... Read More

08 June 2015
Magicians You Should Know: Alan Wakeling

Generally speaking, I think most magicians have a healthy handful of magicians that truly influenced or influence their work strongly. My foundation in magic was... Read More

05 June 2015
Walk The Walk

Social media provides a platform for anyone to say anything, to people who have chosen to hear about it. It's all very efficient, it's very addictive, and it can... Read More

04 June 2015
Be Free...

It's amazing how many people have never left their home town, city, state/province, or country! 

One of the most amazing things about magic is that as a... Read More

03 June 2015
Can't We All Just Get Along?

No, the answer is no. 

This constant public positivity drives me mad. What happened to criticism? Why can't we be critical without sparking some inner... Read More

02 June 2015
You're Creeping Me Out...

There is a very special social space for those people who come across as "creepy."

Year ago when still studying at University I would occasionally bring... Read More

01 June 2015
Are You Ready?

No this isn't meant to refer to Criss Angel's catch line. It's about YOU and your skills, your experience, and your expectation. 

Everyone wants to be... Read More

29 May 2015
Use The (Better) Force.

One of the most eye opening experiences for me when it comes to difference in technique and standards was at a local bar/restaurant that has a little stage area.... Read More

28 May 2015
I Can't Do That...

There are two ways to fail at something. You can fail by not trying at all, meaning actually not taking even the tiniest first step. Or you can fail by starting... Read More

27 May 2015
Something Feels Off...

When I get asked about "my creative process" I always feel a little bit uncomfortable explaining how I work on things. The reason is, I just don't think it's that... Read More

26 May 2015