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The Beautiful World of Cards!

I find that when I travel and meet magicians they often have a preconceived notion about who I am, what I know, or what my kind of "guy" I am. Usually it's... Read More

07 May 2015
Breakthrough Moments

Styles of practicing, learning, and generally acquiring information will vary from person to person. Often we tell people, practice makes perfect. Which is true... Read More

06 May 2015
Use What Ya Got!

Today I filed a claim. 

It's not a big claim, but it is something that you are probably able to do as well, but perhaps you didn't realize you had the... Read More

05 May 2015
Poisoning The Well

Reading about historical war tactics I think poisoning an enemies water supply is one of the absolute worst! However, this same thing can happen in the form of... Read More

04 May 2015
SIDE PROJECT - Soldering

I try to keep busy learning new things and keeping my skill set growing. Well, with my recent completion of SCIMO, my awesome ambient lighting system for my... Read More

01 May 2015
Unexpected Surprises!

This morning a got a phone call review of a lecture that took place out of my reasonable travel zone. It would have been a 6+ hour trip and to be honest, I wasn't... Read More

30 April 2015
Jim Steinmeyer and his recent works!

I don't often endorse websites or products. But, if I didn't tell you about these new things I don't think you'd hear about them and that would be tragic.

... Read More
29 April 2015
Stop Doing Bad Magic!

I'm not sure there really needs to be a lot of elaboration on this one. Not all magic is as good as other magic. I'm sorry it just isn't. If you do a shitty trick... Read More

28 April 2015

I have quite a list of things to do since I got back from a tiny tour in Europe.

Last night I got most of them done! It feels great and I can see... Read More

27 April 2015
I Think I Was Wrong, You Should Tell Stories Worth LISTENING to!

A while back I wrote about sharing stories worth telling, however, I think there is an error in that logic.

Let's say you have a story about your old... Read More

24 April 2015