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Guess Who's Back?

Obviously, it's me, because really, who else would it be? I'm the only one who write on here really...

BUT I'M BACK! The last few weeks have been... Read More

23 April 2015
The Next Best Thing...

Sometimes you don't meet a deadline, you can't squeeze everything together and your plans don't go as planned.

Instead of throwing your arms up and... Read More

01 April 2015
When I Was Your Age!

I don't spend nearly as much time at my local magic shop as I would like. Truth be told, these days I go there primarily to spend time with Jeff the shop owner.... Read More

31 March 2015
Be Prepared!

You never know what a client might request, or when you can be a hero. 

Just this morning I got an email requesting a few minutes on stage as another... Read More

30 March 2015
Master Magician...

If you call yourself a master magician, and let's be honest too many people do, understand that mastery is definable. 

I would say there are maybe 5... Read More

27 March 2015
Beef Bourguignon and another failed attempt...

Last night I was in a strange mood, tired, and craving delicious food. So I called the local butcher, ordered some beef, picked it up and attempted my hand at a... Read More

26 March 2015
Failure again...

Another attempt, another failure.

Last night once again I locked myself in the workshop and attempted to machine a new part. It didn’t work…

... Read More

25 March 2015

Last night I was locked up in my workshop trying to make a part from sheet brass. Basically I was trying to cut a disk of brass to a perfect size and then do some... Read More

24 March 2015
That's Interesting!

After a show I was asked to spend some time with guests. It's a pretty common request, and I enjoy meeting people and chatting. 

One woman made a... Read More

23 March 2015
Work To YOUR Tolerances

I've been locked up in my workshop a lot lately, slowly grinding out parts and things. Last night I spent a little bit of time trying to cut a piece of brass and... Read More

20 March 2015