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Find a Retiree!

This is a bit of a crazy post, but I think you'll appreciate it. 

I like making stuff, yeah, we know this. But sometimes the size or scope of a project... Read More

19 March 2015
Read The Instructions...

Last week I bought a little gadget, man cave thing. I like scotch and rum, I have a nice assortment of both and some great glasses. With this sort of hobby, you... Read More

18 March 2015
Speed Bumps

I mentioned on Facebook that I'm tackling the most difficult project I've ever attempted. With that I am spending a LOT of time in my workshop, dry eyes, lots of... Read More

17 March 2015
Computer Hiccups!

With any new technology and changes with servers things occasionally go a little wonky. My servers are no exception! Hopefully they will stay up now. Apologies... Read More

17 March 2015
Hey Haters...

I've started to realize that many of my friends and family have this interesting quirk to them. It's pretty distinct and they usually are one way or the other... Read More

17 March 2015
Do It Right The First Time!

I've made a grave error in judgment recently. In my workshop I have the ability to work with metal and wood. For one project, a recreation of a trick from a... Read More

13 March 2015
I Broke SCIMO...

Some of you have been keeping track of my personal attempts to learn new skills. Most recently, soldering electronics. Not to be confused with soldering pipes for... Read More

12 March 2015
Hunting for Miracles!

Last night I locked myself up in my workshop to complete a project I've fallen behind on. It was very productive and I am happy to see all went well! Project is... Read More

11 March 2015
Come At Me Bro!

I recently did a formal close up show, about 30 minutes long which is loaded with stories and I pepper history and dates along the way for personal amusement and... Read More

10 March 2015
Weak Tea

Coffee has never been my drink of choice. I'll enjoy a cappuccino or perhaps an espresso if I'm traveling but at home I stick to tea. Delicious, hot, perfectly... Read More

09 March 2015