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FISM - Woody Aragon - Rumors - Gossip and some truths!

FISM is in full swing in Rimini, Italy and as per usual magicians from all over the world have congregated in one spot to watch 10 minute acts of magic! But, like previous years there is always going to be some controversy. It seems that for some reason the high tech facility has had a problem with the curtains! And so, the main curtain no longer operates as one would expect. It also doesn't appear to have some manual override and so the curtains for the main stage are perpetually open! This is a huge challenge for those acts that need to setup and irritating for the front of curtain acts that really prefer a backdrop like that.

I heard, although it's unsubstantiated, that the curtains were clogged with confetti! But that could be just a rumor!

The real controversy though, is Woody Aragon! There is this rumor going around that Woody has been disqualified for going a few seconds over time, however, this is NOT true. Woody has NOT been disqualified. Yes, he went over on time, but that was because they didn't set his stage properly and that took up time which they added to the performance time. So, Woody has NOT been disqualified. Just so we are all on the same page!

The last things that needs to be mentioned is Juan Mayoral and his refusal to perform his act.

What a proud and sad moment for magic. Simply put, Juan said he can not perform his act, and will not perform his new act because FISM has become a broadcasting business, with the acts and competition performing as if it were for television instead of for the live theater audience. When it's about the magic again and not about the television deals, or business surrounding it, perhaps he will perform his act. I can only assume it will be performed for an extremely eager audience! Watch the video below.