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Remember the Gimmicks?

A crucial, nostalgic, loving memory of my journey in magic has to do with all the amazing little gimmicks and toys that you can buy at the magic shop! Unfortunately, the quality of most of them, and the promises made on the packaging, do not match what you actually receive in the brightly printed envelopes or bags. But nonetheless, I think we all spent hours playing with these things, sharing the magic with friends, and then eventually discarding them in to a black hole of a drawer or box never to be used again...

Until now! 

Go crack open your drawer of "stuff" and find some of the coolest, most fun, interesting gimmicks you've ever purchased over the years. Play with them! Hopefully, with a few years of experience and improved skills from a little practice here and there, you should be able to take the gimmick and use it for what it was made for, but hopefully you are able to find other amazing applications for it! 

Scotch and Soda is a great example, a brilliant trick, lots of potential! You can use it for other things too. Crack open Bobo's Modern Coin Magic and find a plethora of amazing stuff you can do! Or you can take the gimmick and just start trying to come up with your own stuff. 

The same applies to all the neat card gaffs and gimmicks! Find them, try the original effect, and play with new ideas or other ways you could use them. 

We've all spent so much on magic throughout our lives, it's time to revisit some of those things and hopefully it will bring back wonderful memories of performing those tricks and the wonder you experienced when you first saw them yourself!